The Best of

Rhino Records repackaged this 1991 greatest hits in 1998 and they deleted and added two songs. The new additions make their American debut since GOS is not represented by an American label. “At The Very Mention of Your Name” is also the David Foster version which was only available as a single in Europe and on a Japanese greatest hits package. “A Very Extraordinary Sort Of Girl” and “Christmas Song” were removed.

Nothing Rhymed
Underneath The Blanket Go
Too Much Attention
No Matter How I Try
Alone Again (Naturally)
Who Was It
Out Of The Question
Get Down
A Very Extraordinary Sort Of Girl
Ooh Baby
Why, Oh Why, Oh Why
Happiness Is Me And You
A Woman’s Place
Christmas Song
I Don’t Love You But I Think I Like You
You Got Me Going
What’s In A Kiss (Original Version)