“My 50th anniversary tour is over…”

27th March 2017 - 1 minute read

A message from Gilbert

“My 50th anniversary tour is over, and despite my illness and the dates I needed to postpone, it was a massive success! Thank you to my incredible band… you are all such talented singers and musicians to perform with, and a great support on and off stage. Thank you to all the team who worked early mornings and late nights setting everything up, organising each day, and putting this tour together.
And last but not least… a big thank you to all of you who came to watch me, who supported me when I was sick and who sang and danced and made the atmosphere at each show electric. I feel very lucky to have such dedicated and loyal fans.
To those who I will be seeing in September because of the 4 dates I couldn’t make, I promise these dates will be extra special to make up for it.
A lot more to come in 2017 to celebrate my 50 years in music, so stay tuned!”