Gilbert O’Sullivan – 50 Years In Music

19th March 2017 - 2 minutes read

Peter Kay, comedian and actor
‘I’ll never forget first I went to see Gilbert O’Sullivan live in concert. I was with my mum. The lights went down and the magic began. After the magician had finished Gilbert came on stage…
Can you believe that it’s fifty years since this man first had the good fortune to share his extraordinary talent with us all? Where does the time go? So many questions? Garlic? Bread? Gilbert always been a part of our lives. Especially mine, as he’s my father. JOKE!! Look I’m a comedian, it’s my job. My Mum would play his LP’s (remember those?) all the time when I was a child so his songs quickly became a part of my family life and they’ve continued to serve me many times since throughout the years.
What continues to fascinate me is that his songs never wain. In fact it’s the complete opposite, the more I hear them the better they’ve become. A true sign of quality. They never fail to move me to tears or brighten my day. Each of them beautifully crafted, infectious and timeless. So tonight we should not only savour the glorious fact that he’s still around after half a century but we should also celebrate the extraordinary work he’s created for us over the years, simply out of thin air. Maybe Gilbert was the magician after all.”